Guesting at Blue Surf

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Regular Weekend Guest Fees:

$40 for Friday, $45 for Saturday, $85 for the weekend.

 Holiday Weekend Guest Fees: 


Please provide your host with the necessary amount for your stay. Total amount due upon arrival at the house.

Members scheduled for the weekend are always entitled to a bed.

Guests NEVER have priority for a bed over a member (This includes girlfriends/boyfriends).

No grilling while under the influence!!!! "Sun tans" obtained from lighting the grill while drunk are not attractive.

If in a fit of patriotic fervor, if you feel like singing the Star Spangled Banner at midnight, please sing inside of the house instead of serenading our local neighbors. Dewey Police are ever vigilant in their quest to quell all noise. Fines run up to $1,000. Needless to say, our house cannot afford such a fine, so just party inside with outside doors closed .

Crawling into random beds with members of the house at 2am is not suggested unless you promise to treat them to a Starboard Bloody Mary Brunch on Sunday.

Eating other people's stuff when you get the munchies at 1 am after filing out of the Starboard is frowned upon. Of course, all unlabeled, opened food on the counter is fair game. (Besides someone usually stumbles home with pizza after the bars close, so just hold on until then).

It is highly suggested that you provide the house with a minimum of one case of your favorite brew (or other favorite alcoholic beverage of choice). This will make your hosts very happy and friendly, which may work to your advantage later on!