Welcome! Here's what you need to know about your weekend at the Blue Surf--and Dewey. Check out the house rules for the summer 2020 season. These guidelines were created to avoid any issues or problems and to make this summer as awesome as the ones in the past, from what we can remember.

What to Bring (for Dewey Virgins) . . .

1) Pillows, blankets, bed linens (we have a member's closet to store stuff in)

2) Bath and beach towels

3) Starboard VIP card

4) Plenty of cash and a credit card

5) Toiletries

6) Jam Session shoes (you won't be able to wear them anywhere else)

7) Beach Chair (we have storage for chairs)

8) Groceries for the weekend. Members should supply their own food & drink. Bag & label (with name and date) anything you don't want to share. Toss perishables upon departure. Items that are not labeled or expired will be discarded on Sundays.